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Discover the Best Restaurants in Pisa.

A symbolic city for a vast land, such as Tuscany, a land of great wealth, beauty, smells and perfumes. Thanks to its history and artistic tradition, the beautiful Pisa, which rises on the Arno River, has become one of Tuscany’s most renowned and visited cities. The symbolic monument of the town, or the Leaning Tower, attracts tourists worldwide, creating great excitement, especially in the spring and summer seasons. In addition to artistic beauties of rare beauty, Pisa is known for its historic taverns and elegant, welcoming restaurants, which offer traditional Tuscan cuisine based on game and fish, accompanied by that pungent Tuscan charisma that captivates all diners. Below is a small taste of some of these beautiful restaurants.


  1. Ristorante La Pergoletta


In a small alley in the heart of Pisa, a few steps from the Lungarno and the famous Teatro Verdi, the La Pergoletta restaurant has welcomed its diners for over fifty years. In their restaurant in Pisa, located in the city’s historic centre, you can combine the typical dishes of the Tuscan tradition with excellent wines and refined flavours. We are always looking for new combinations of flavours capable of surprising and awakening even the most dormant palates without ever giving up imagination and authenticity. All courses are prepared with local ingredients, preserving the authentic flavour of the land.


2. Osteria La Grotta


In the heart of the medieval village of Pisa, the Osteria La Grotta is a relaxing stop, an environment full of suggestions, with a strong character like the stone in which the ceiling vault is carved. Enter a surprising, intimate and informal place: the terracotta floors, the warm tones of the furnishings, and the passion for wood. The menus of the La Grotta tavern have achieved a perfect balance between a robust culinary tradition, with intense flavours, and a modern sense of lightness, an inspiring encounter between old and new.


3. Osteria In Domo


You will find the Osteria in Domo in the heart of Pisa, a stone’s throw from Piazza dei Miracoli and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. A modern tavern that offers excellent traditional cuisine or dishes revisited by the chef of both meat and fish. All the local specialities are made with consistently fresh, top-quality raw materials and selected daily to satisfy every customer. A modern, contemporary tavern, an elegant but informal environment a stone’s throw from the Tower of Pisa, where tradition and innovation come together in a menu that enhances the area’s excellence and is interpreted with simplicity, freshness and creativity.


4. San Domenico Italian Bistrot


The San Domenico Italian Bistrot is where you can appreciate the alchemy of traditional flavours with other unusual ones, where research and reinterpretation are the constant daily inspiration, courtesy, and passion at home. Chef Salvo and his staff are waiting to welcome you in their corner of delicacies, a simple but elegant environment, small but spacious, suitable for any occasion and never intrusive, to create that harmony that will allow you to taste every course that you will choose thoroughly.


5. Ristoro Redipuglia


Far from the traffic and noise and the hustle and bustle of the city of Pisa, we find the Ristoro Redipuglia in the countryside outside the town. A beautifully rustic and welcoming farmhouse, created in a typical Tuscan farmhouse dating back to the early 1900s, with exposed beams, rafters, and terracotta floors. The cuisine is homemade, based on fresh ingredients, mainly of local production. All the raw materials used are selected and of first quality. The cooking is straightforward, essential, and peasant, with many meat-based dishes, thanks to the numerous farms in the area, many house specialities and lots of wine.


6. Anita Osteria


A stone’s throw from the Lungarno, in Piazza del Pozzetto, and a few meters from the central Piazza Garibaldi, we find one of the best-known taverns in the Pisan culinary scene, namely Anita Osteria. A place where celebrities from the world of entertainment and beyond have had the pleasure of sitting down to eat. A traditional Italian cuisine, but revisited in a modern key thanks to the chef’s study and attention to detail. Each dish retains an unforgettable memory leaving an incredible scent in the room, upsetting every diner’s palate. Fresh, autochthonous, Tuscan products guarantee freshness, control and certified quality.

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